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Advance booking is required for all MOT's (Ministry of Transport Test). We can offer a while you wait MOT or you may leave your vehicle on site if you are unable to wait. We offer a comfortable seating area, free wifi and complimentary tea/coffee, MOT viewing area is also available on request.

Test Classes:

  • Class 4: IV (cars, motor caravans, light goods vehicles up to 3500kg GVW) 
  • Class 5: V (minibuses up to 16 seats) 
  • Class 7: VII (vans 3000kg to 3500kg GVW) 
  • Free Retest within 10 working days of test


1. When is my MOT due?

A new vehicles 1st MOT is due 3 years from the vehicles 1st date of registration. This date is found on your vehicle log book/V5c.

MOTs are then due every 12 months. A vehicles MOT history can be checked online at:

You can renew your MOT up to 28 days before it expires without affecting your annual expiry date. You can check when the earliest date to MOT your vehicle is by checking the front of your current MOT pass certificate.

2. What do I need to bring with me?

All you need is your vehicle. A previous MOT certificate and/or V5 is helpful but not essential.

3. What if my vehicle fails its MOT?

We offer a free retest within 10 working days. Failure work can be carried out by us or a 3rd party and will still qualify for a free retest. Simple failure points, i.e. a blown bulb, split wipers, bald tyres can normally be carried out straight away or you can request a quotation for failure work and if accepted we will proceed with the work that day (parts availability and time constraints permitting). It may often be more convenient to rebook the vehicle within the free retest period.

4. My MOT test has expired, can I drive to the MOT test station for a test?

You may drive to and from a test station on the day of test, so long as the vehicle details are given to the test station at the time of booking. The vehicle must have valid road tax and insurance.

Useful website for all your vehicle ownership queries: 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on the number at the top of this page.