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Summers through….Christmas crackers are on the shop floor!

…It’s true! Summer is on its way out and what a lovely one it’s been too! Tomatoes are in a race against time to ripen (according to Monty) and if you haven’t already, get planting your Perennials!

In other news the nights are beginning to draw in and we’re looking rather longingly at our snuggly jumpers…..admit it! Your over Summer and ready for a new season!

Before long we’ll all be writing our Christmas lists for every member of the family (including the dog and cat) and the penny pinching will begin!  Spare a thought for your motor vehicle before the hysteria sets in.  If you have a moment, now is the time to pull into your local garage for a winter pit stop and pop a spare pair of ‘Sunnies’ in your car! Why?

Autumn is a particular favourite of mine for so many reasons.  Beautiful bright and crisp mornings with a show stopping array of colours on the trees, but before long those gorgeous leaves will build up in big sludgy piles as the winds begin to shake them off …coupled with the sun dazzling your view! ….I think you see where I’m going with this!

So! To cut a long story short!

Here’s our top tips:

  • Check your Tyres (pressure and tread depth) see our march blog for more detail
  • Check your levels, particularly anti-freeze and windscreen washer
  • Pop some Sunnies in the car and take it easy….if you’re struggling to see then so are the people behind you!
  • Pop a new set of Wiper Blades on….you’ll need them at their best!
  • Check your Battery life….it tends to be the biggest cause of breakdown!

If you pull in at Pressbay we’ll do checks 1,2, 4 & 5 for free!  (The sunglasses are entirely at your discretion!)

…Happy Halloween from all of us!!!