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Tyre pressure time! - March Blog.

So with temperatures dropping during our cold snap we have a special blog this month about Tyre pressure and as if on Queue the light on my own dash board for Tyre pressure came on only yesterday!

Not all cars have a light for Tyre pressure so it’s important to check them once a month particularly during the winter months. When the weather gets cold the air in the Tyre contracts lowering the pressure. 

Why is it so important?

Steering will become effected, pulling left of right or just feeling a lot heavier than normal.

Fuel economy is affected.  A change in surface area causes more ‘Drag’ than normal and will cause you to burn more fuel.

Blow outs become more likely, friction inside an underinflated tyre will cause them to overheat.

Your Tyres will be under more pressure than normal causing them to wear down much earlier than anticipated.

Low tyre pressure can increase your risk of Aquaplaning a real risk during the wet winter months.

What am I checking for?

Tyre pressure is measured is PSI (generally a double digit like 28psi) or Bar (a single number with a decimal point in it like 2.8) below is a picture of a typical Guage. 

There is usually a sticker on the inside of your car door or perhaps on the petrol cap that will tell you what they need to be.  You could also consult your ‘owners manual’.  It is important to note that front tyre pressure will typically differ from the back to ensure even weight distribution.

Lastly check them when the tyres are cool, this will give you a more accurate reading.

That’s it really, it’s simple quick and may save you much time, money and aggravation to spend a few minutes of your time checking them…… alternatively please remember we offer a free Tyre check here a Pressbay and a warm drink to warm the cockles while you wait!