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Feb Blog - 'Gears to go, Brakes to slow!'


carsinmotionSounds like a criptic message, not really!  As our cars have changed and performance has mproved over the years so has the school of thought on driving techniques.  Those of us taught to drive a few years back will recall being told to move up and down through the gear box 4,3,2,1...(back when cars only had 4 gears!) These days our brakes are even more efficient and it's recommended that you use 'Block Changing'....before you sigh with exasperation at yet more new terminology!  hear me out!  Block Changing is where you use your brakes to slow and once you've reached a lower speed, then move into the gear appropriate for that speed, which could mean moving past more than one gear in the change, from 4th to 2nd for instance.

Better use of gears means less revving and fussing with unnecessary gear changes.  Drivers not only reduce fuel consumption but cut down wear and tear. It's much cheaper to replace a brake pad than a clutch after all!