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January blog…. ‘if it’s free then it’s for me!’

Hello 2016! kind to me I’m skint!  ...and a few pounds heavierJ

January is the biggest come down ever! – Fact!  November/December rinsed you dry…or was that your kids! You frantically tried to finish your workload before the  'supposed' holiday – stress! Whilst juggling a fun filled diary of Christmas lunches, drinks, nativities, panto’s, ice-skating with everybody in your address book.... oh! and shopping for them too! Is it any wonder you got ill over the ACTUAL holiday!

Bosh, January is here! A multitude of emotions ensue, I wager that, contrary to what your telling others, your actually rather pleased to be back at work.  Possibly a new diet is in place? Which will help the bank balance seeing as you can’t actually afford to fill your cupboards and for some there will be a financial drought on the cards waiting for January’s five week (sometimes six if you got paid a week early) month to be done before pay day!

My moto for you therefore is, ‘if it’s free then it’s for me’!  pop by and see us for a Free winter check! And not just that but for the months of January & February if you book your MOT and a full service with us we’ll Valet you’re car for FREEEEEEE!!!!!

From all of us at Pressbay i wish you a Happy new year! Safe motoring and a speedy January!