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January blog…. ‘if it’s free then it’s for me!’

Hello 2016! kind to me I’m skint!  ...and a few pounds heavierJ

January is the biggest come down ever! – Fact!  November/December rinsed you dry…or was that your kids! You frantically tried to finish your workload before the  'supposed' holiday – stress! Whilst juggling a fun filled diary of Christmas lunches, drinks, nativities, panto’s, ice-skating with everybody in your address book.... oh! and shopping for them too! Is it any wonder you got ill over the ACTUAL holiday!

Bosh, January is here! A multitude of emotions ensue, I wager that, contrary to what your telling others, your actually rather pleased to be back at work.  Possibly a new diet is in place? Which will help the bank balance seeing as you can’t actually afford to fill your cupboards and for some there will be a financial drought on the cards waiting for January’s five week (sometimes six if you got paid a week early) month to be done before pay day!

My moto for you therefore is, ‘if it’s free then it’s for me’!  pop by and see us for a Free winter check! And not just that but for the months of January & February if you book your MOT and a full service with us we’ll Valet you’re car for FREEEEEEE!!!!!

From all of us at Pressbay i wish you a Happy new year! Safe motoring and a speedy January!



Servicing your car is just one of those little jobs on your list that always seems to slip to the bottom isn’t it!  it’s running okay, hasn’t broken down and with Christmas coming, my money is needed elsewhere.

However, let me put it to you this way!  Our cars are a little like us, a bit of regular maintenance and we generally stay in good working order.  A cod liver oil tablet and spot of regular exercise keep the joints from seizing, a healthy diet stops the blood running too rich! and if we clean and floss our teeth we prevent cavities, gum disease and getting out bank loans to pay for dental work!

How does that translate to your car?

  • Regular ‘cheaper’ and sometimes free checks will catch those small problems before they become painfully bigger and more expensive. Let’s take your brakes for example, you will agree that it’s cheaper to change just the pads earlier rather than the pads AND discs because they wear down to the metal! Now there’s a bill you don’t want in January!

  • Your garage may spot something that will need replacing in a few more miles allowing you time to squirrel some money away rather than breaking down and forcing your hand!

  • Dirty oil and filters can be like poison to a car, they no longer do their job and the bad stuff thickens the oil which contaminates the engine!

Find a garage you trust then try and stick with it.  Rather like your dentist or Doctor, they get to know you, your car and its history helping them to diagnose problems and anticipate what’s coming down the pipeline.  If you’ve recently acquired a new car that already has a bit of mileage under it's belt then try out this handy new link It’ll give you a run-down of the vehicles MOT history and advisories,  allowing you and your technician to paint a fuller picture of its past.

So what are the signs for a check up?

  • This little light is a no brainer!

                                     enginellight     ......  or perhaps this one  spannerservicelight  !
  • Any odd noises!

  • Brakes are feeling anything other than solid.

  • Trouble starting in the morning, granted, we all suffer with that one!

  • Planning a long trip

  • Shaking/juddering steering wheel.

And let me give you another tip if you’re looking for somebody to trust, look for 'Trust my Garage' and 'Which trusted Trader' logos!  Any garage worth their weight will carry them, they’ve invested effort, time and money to earn the stripes!

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