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Summers through….Christmas crackers are on the shop floor!

…It’s true! Summer is on its way out and what a lovely one it’s been too! Tomatoes are in a race against time to ripen (according to Monty) and if you haven’t already, get planting your Perennials!

In other news the nights are beginning to draw in and we’re looking rather longingly at our snuggly jumpers…..admit it! Your over Summer and ready for a new season!

Before long we’ll all be writing our Christmas lists for every member of the family (including the dog and cat) and the penny pinching will begin!  Spare a thought for your motor vehicle before the hysteria sets in.  If you have a moment, now is the time to pull into your local garage for a winter pit stop and pop a spare pair of ‘Sunnies’ in your car! Why?

Autumn is a particular favourite of mine for so many reasons.  Beautiful bright and crisp mornings with a show stopping array of colours on the trees, but before long those gorgeous leaves will build up in big sludgy piles as the winds begin to shake them off …coupled with the sun dazzling your view! ….I think you see where I’m going with this!

So! To cut a long story short!

Here’s our top tips:

  • Check your Tyres (pressure and tread depth) see our march blog for more detail
  • Check your levels, particularly anti-freeze and windscreen washer
  • Pop some Sunnies in the car and take it easy….if you’re struggling to see then so are the people behind you!
  • Pop a new set of Wiper Blades on….you’ll need them at their best!
  • Check your Battery life….it tends to be the biggest cause of breakdown!

If you pull in at Pressbay we’ll do checks 1,2, 4 & 5 for free!  (The sunglasses are entirely at your discretion!)

…Happy Halloween from all of us!!!

Why buy a used vehicle?

Let’s state the obvious…for arguments sake! ‘a brand new vehicle depreciates the moment it leaves the forecourt and loses up to 40% of its value within the first year’ oh the horror!

Buying a new ‘previously loved’ vehicle is in fact a very savvy way to roll! Provided you do your homework and use a reputable source, you could end up with a Bargain!

So what are our top tips:

Do your homework - It costs you nothing to look about at comparable vehicles of the same year and mileage to check it’s in the right ballpark for price, and keep an open mind.

Beware of deal that looks ‘too good to be true!’…chances are it is! Trust your judgement and if you don’t then take somebody with you that you do trust!  Never feel pressured into the sale, there are plenty of great deals out there!

‘Rain, rain go away!’ Pick a good day to check it over! Rain will hide all the scratches and dents, the sun doesn’t have to be shining but dry is best!

Do a HPI check! One of the most important things you could do before buying the car is this!  It’ll give you a ‘deep dive’ into the vehicles history providing information such as existing finance, police stolen alert, mileage and insurance damage indicator.  This is not to say that buying a Cat C/D is a problem, on the contrary this can be a great idea for saving a few bob, it is advisable however to make sure that the vehicle has had an independent post repair inspection carried out before you commit.

Mileage, a top tip from Russell one of our technicians.  Check the Odometer reading history on the MOT cert!  if a vehicle is over 3 years old it will have an MOT history and the mileage is recorded at each MOT, do the incremental jumps in mileage at each MOT seem sensible/right?  On average we do 10000 miles a year in our cars, if it’s not in the ball park or looks particularly low, ask the question?
Do an MOT history check, this handy link will give you an MOT history and will now show advisories that were proposed by the testing body at the time.

Pop the Bonnet – If you’re feeling confident – check the levels! Engine oil, coolant/antifreeze, brake fluid. 

Put it through it’s paces – Always test drive!  You’ve checked it whilst cold – Tick! Now get behind the steering wheel.  James one of our service desk managers recommends a thorough test drive, put it over a few speed bumps, does it rattle? Drive on a straight road, does it pull either way?  Do a 3 point turn and try a full lock either side.  Run through all the gears, it should be a smooth change!
Are there any lights on the dash remaining after you start and when you turn off, turn it back on after it’s warmed up!

Check the warranty policy, make sure its fit for purpose and If it comes with an in-house warranty, make sure they have the facilities to carry out the work!

For the Record! Here at Pressbay we HPI check all our previously enjoyed vehicles before they go up for sale and customer(s) are supplied with a copy of the check.  All vehicles are sold with a minimum of 3 months warranty (in the absence of any remaining manufacturer’s warranty) a full service and 12 month MOT if 3 years old or over.  In addition any category C/D repaired vehicles are inspected by an independent engineer and the report submitted to the customer.
Tyre pressure Guage

Tyre pressure time! - March Blog.

So with temperatures dropping during our cold snap we have a special blog this month about Tyre pressure and as if on Queue the light on my own dash board for Tyre pressure came on only yesterday!

Not all cars have a light for Tyre pressure so it’s important to check them once a month particularly during the winter months. When the weather gets cold the air in the Tyre contracts lowering the pressure. 

Why is it so important?

Steering will become effected, pulling left of right or just feeling a lot heavier than normal.

Fuel economy is affected.  A change in surface area causes more ‘Drag’ than normal and will cause you to burn more fuel.

Blow outs become more likely, friction inside an underinflated tyre will cause them to overheat.

Your Tyres will be under more pressure than normal causing them to wear down much earlier than anticipated.

Low tyre pressure can increase your risk of Aquaplaning a real risk during the wet winter months.

What am I checking for?

Tyre pressure is measured is PSI (generally a double digit like 28psi) or Bar (a single number with a decimal point in it like 2.8) below is a picture of a typical Guage. 

There is usually a sticker on the inside of your car door or perhaps on the petrol cap that will tell you what they need to be.  You could also consult your ‘owners manual’.  It is important to note that front tyre pressure will typically differ from the back to ensure even weight distribution.

Lastly check them when the tyres are cool, this will give you a more accurate reading.

That’s it really, it’s simple quick and may save you much time, money and aggravation to spend a few minutes of your time checking them…… alternatively please remember we offer a free Tyre check here a Pressbay and a warm drink to warm the cockles while you wait!

Feb Blog - 'Gears to go, Brakes to slow!'


carsinmotionSounds like a criptic message, not really!  As our cars have changed and performance has mproved over the years so has the school of thought on driving techniques.  Those of us taught to drive a few years back will recall being told to move up and down through the gear box 4,3,2,1...(back when cars only had 4 gears!) These days our brakes are even more efficient and it's recommended that you use 'Block Changing'....before you sigh with exasperation at yet more new terminology!  hear me out!  Block Changing is where you use your brakes to slow and once you've reached a lower speed, then move into the gear appropriate for that speed, which could mean moving past more than one gear in the change, from 4th to 2nd for instance.

Better use of gears means less revving and fussing with unnecessary gear changes.  Drivers not only reduce fuel consumption but cut down wear and tear. It's much cheaper to replace a brake pad than a clutch after all!