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About Us

Family owned and run for over 30 years

Pressbay Motors has a proven track record in providing an excellent service to its customers without compromising on value for money. Our continual investment in the latest technology and high quality individuals means our operation is always equipped with the latest technical advances.

With our extensive facility covering the spectrum of automotive services, from MOT’s and general / specialist mechanical work to accident damage repair, we have the capacity and resource to serve large fleets as well as owner/driver.

Company Information

Pressbay Motors is a trading name of Pressbay Limited

Registered in England and Wales under company number 01739195

Registered Office: 5 Yeomans Court, Ware Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG137HJ

VAT Registration number: 387 0931 25

Our top tips for better fuel efficency

  • Lighten the load, keeping too much in the boot or on the roof rack creates drag and uses up more fuel!
  • Plan ahead when stopping allowing you to ease off the accelerator a bit and roll to a natural stop.
  • Maintain your vehicles efficiency, poor tyre pressure, dirty air filters and spark plugs can increase your fuel consumption by up to 13%!
  • Keeping your Air Conditioning system fully gased means less work for your engine and fuel goes further!

Careers at Pressbay

Our Business is growing and with it so is our team of skilled individuals. Are you interested in joining our team?

Vehicle Technician

We are looking for an experienced / qualified technician / mechanic to join our workshop. Responsible for repair / maintenance / service & diagnostics.

Hours of Work

Hours of work for all of our vacancies are 8am – 17.30pm Mon – Fri & every other Sat 8am – 13.00pm

Send us your CV

If your interested in any of our vacancies please email us a copy of your CV to or call us on 020 8443 0234