Tyres are one of the most important areas a motorist can check on their car. They are the vehicles main point of contact with the road and subject to a huge amount of wear and tear!  Key triggers for checking your tyres are, before long journeys, when temperatures fluctuate (particularly the cold) and after any contact with the kerb or pothole.  The symbol on your dash that lights up for tyre pressure checks typically looks like this.


Tread depth – The legal limit is 1.6mm and above and your tyre has small square wear indicators -as shown in this picture – that quickly shows you at a glance how they are wearing.  Anything close to or less than these means it’s time to change them.

Wear and Tear – Have a good look all around for any bumps or bulges, tears or cracks that may compromise the Tyres integrity.  This is an extreme example of a Tyre with multiple wear issues, it is obviously bald at its edge, and in this case so bald on it’s inner that it has worn down to the rope and a hole split has easily happened.

Pressure The wrong Tyre pressure can cause your tyres to wear out unevenly.  There is usually a sticker featured on the inside of your car door – as pictured here- that will tell you what your tyre pressure should be and it’s important to note that the requirement for the front will typically differ from the back to ensure even weight distribution.

As always if you are unsure or want a second opinion, pull in and let us take a look for you ‘free of charge‘.