Our vehicles are a little like us, a bit of regular maintenance and we generally stay in good working order…

How does that translate to your car?

Regular ‘cheaper’ vehicle inspections ‘Health checks’ will catch those small problems before they become painfully bigger and more expensive. Let’s take your brakes for example, it’s cheaper to change just the pads earlier rather than the pads AND discs because they wear down to the metal!

In addition, dirty oil and filters can be like poison to a car, they no longer do their job, and the bad stuff thickens the oil which contaminates the engine!

A good garage is rather like your dentist or Doctor, they get to know you, your car and its history helping them to diagnose problems and anticipate what’s coming down the pipeline.  If you’ve recently acquired a new car that already has a bit of mileage under its belt, then try out this handy link www.gov.uk/check-mot-history. It’ll give you a run-down of the vehicles MOT history and advisories, allowing you and your technician to paint a fuller picture of its past.